Code of Cheapshot

14 September 2018


We want Cheapshot to be a fun and safe experience for everyone. Please follow these guidelines so you and other players have fun and that others are not affected by your gameplay. Remember, some interactions that seem harmless or fun to you may be perceived in a different way by other players.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

Unacceptable behaviour

Offensive language

This includes, but isn’t limited to bullying, intimidation, vulgar language, sexually suggestive remarks, any language likely to offend or alienate people based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.


Unlike other games, you may see locations of other players in real time. Respect their privacy. Don’t stalk.


We don’t tolerate direct or indirect threats of violence against other players or their property.

Bullying players

If your character is level 40 or higher, avoid repetitive attacks against players below level 20 and their structures. This is not fun for lower level players and will be considered bullying. Please diversify your targets!


Cheating is a violation of Terms of Service. Play fair.


Everyone contributes to building a respectful local community of players. If you find unacceptable behavior directed at yourself or others, please do one of the following:


We will enforce this Code and the Terms of Use. Players who don’t follow the Code of Cheapshot may face repercussions we will find appropriate. This is how we generally handle unacceptable behavior: