Meet the next-gen
multiplayer GPS game
Stars Grechin
This is one in a generation game. Respect to the devs. Waiting impatiently for the updates! 🐲
Epicness 👼🏼👊😍🔥🤘💥🍆
So much fun!! Only game I've got hooked on for years. Be all cute and burn other peoples buildings, aint that the dream??
In a good way, tho. Was waiting for this kind of game for a long time! It requires strategy, agility and more of outdoors, which is nice
A cool game
I like the game a lot. Especially talking online to other players. Here you have friendship, allies and enemies.
The game is fire! I mean literally. Everybody must download! Just don't set my fir-trees on fire!!😈😂
Thank you🙃
I lived normal life before cheapshot appeared...Now I worry more about my plants than about my relationships
Best game literally

How to play

Claim your neighborhood

Grab your favorite places in town by planting 🌵 cacti. Places already taken by other players? You may either find a free plot of land for yourself, seize the desired area by force or ask the squatters to let you in.

👆️The game happens in your actual location. Walk in the real world to move your character.

Upgrade your plants

Cactii produce money. Upgrade them to 🌻, 🌳 and beyond so your plants become stronger and produce even more money.

Meet other players

In Cheapshot, players see each other on the real map. Talk to them by holding the 🎙 button. Remember to be nice to other players.

Become a stronger character

You get 🎖experience for everything you do. Install more mods as you level-up. Always look for better mods.

Mods increase your stats. 💥is damage, ⚡️is how fast you can shoot (RPM) and 🎯is accuracy. 💚max is your maximum health and +💚/m is how fast your health restores.

Go to war

Sometimes war is the only answer. Put in place players that stand in your way. Burn their buildings to ashes. Don't kill their bees though. It is considered as bad manners by most.

Learn the rest
while you play

Tips for beginners

👉 Tap and hold the mic to talk to others. What you say will be recognized automatically and will be shown as a speech bubble next to your character.

Speak over any area on the map and your message will be broadcasted to everyone you see on the screen.

Control your bots with voice commands in English, Swedish, Turkish and Russian (more languages soon)

List of commands ↗︎

Police arrives when a player calls for help or when you kill a bot. Some police officers carry mods. Pick the mods they drop.

Bees steal 💰 from faraway buildings of other players. Bees get better by doing their job. More experienced bees harvest faster.

Rats are assholes. With every rat killed, the 👑 Rat Queen will send more rats your way. Eventually she may come out herself.

Snakes protect you and your bots. Snakes escort their clients. Attach snakes to your bees if you feel stealing is unsafe. Use snakes to stop the waves of police.

Dragons are very powerful bots. Do not try to fight them until you are strong. When a dragon is killed, it can leave a dragon zombie bot.

Your level is how many mods you can install at once. Don’t forget to install mods as you level-up.

Common questions

How do I stop waves of police? They keep coming.

Police will always arrive when you kill a bot personally. Use snake or zombie bots to deal with police over-reaction. There will be no new police waves when officers are fiinshed by your bots.

Where do I get zombie dragons?

One way is to kill more dragons. There is a small chance of a zombie dragon drop everytime you kill a dragon. Another way is to open Gift boxes. Get gift boxes from the Rat Queens or just by them at the Shop.

I'm too weak to damage nearby buildings. What do I do?

A great way is to use a 🍪 Cookie. Buy one in the Shop for 💰1000. Drop a cookie to attract nearby bots. Kill the bots, collect zombies. Attack the buildings with zombies.

Can I change my name or icon?

No. However, we plan to provide this feature at some point in the future.

When to expect an Android version?

We would love Android users to join Cheapshot sooner. However, we cannot provide a specific date at this point.

I invited a friend but didn't get the bonuses. What happened?

Sadly, sometimes the referral system lets us down. Fortunately, you can contact us via Feedback button in the app and we will deposit the bonuses to your account.

Cheapshot is evolving fast, follow the updates

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