About Cheapshot

Cheapshot is a different kind of game. It is a map-based multiplayer shooter for iPhone. Target opponents in real locations in real time.

Cheapshot Story

A new global credit crisis sparked violent clashes between bankrupted millions and the police. Authorities were forced to take unprecedented measures. The debtors were given a choice: become outlaws or enlist with Cheapshot as aggressive debt collector operatives. This app lets you enlist with Cheapshot as a government debt collector operative, with orders to use deadly force on all targets if and when necessary.

Cheapshot players must face moral ambiguities in the line of service being that killing human beings is not universally justified. Those lacking dedication or with a squeamish constitution should not consider the game.



All of them and trailer in a zip file (54.7 Mb)
Attack Profile Weapons Drugs Progress Mission Death


Cheapshot is made by two friends on their weekends:

With a great deal of help from Alexander Borodich, Max Demkin, Patrick Marckesano, Alexander Ananyev, Sergey Chernov, Oleg Kravchenko.

For inquiries, please e-mail