Main Concept

What Is Cheapshot?

Cheapshot is a new kind of game where you target opponents in real time in real locations.

Who Are The Debtors?

They are the bankrupts who rebelled against banks and governments. Your goal is to aggressively collect their credits. The app you use contacts Foursquare and Instagram servers to reveal debtors nearby.

Do Foursquare And Instagram Users Know When I Attack Them?

No, they are unaware of your activity.

Do Other Players Know I Attack Them?

Yes, other Cheapshot operatives are notified when you attack them.

How The App Uses My Location?

Cheapshot Operations Command only uses your location to place you on map where you are now. We don't record your location history nor do we know anything about you except your Game Center credentials.


How Do I Get Better Accuracy?

It's not that simple.

  1. The closer you are to the target the higher the chance to hit.
  2. By constantly preferring agility to stamina on level-ups you may achieve a maximum bonus of 40% to your accuracy.
  3. Maximum gun type mastery adds another 60%.
  4. The resulting accuracy is then limited by the quality of your current gun.

So after you maxed out your mastery and agility over stamina, the maximum you can get for low accuracy weapon is 50% and 95% for high accuracy weapons.

How Chemist Perk works?

If you administered a dose of narcotic its' effect will not be interrupted by your death. You'll still receive a comedown after the effect wears out. Comedowns can always be overdriven by new dose of narcotic.

Game mechanics

How Agility vs. Stamina Works?

Agility increases reload speed and accuracy. Stamina increases maximum health and survivability. Both stamina and agility are interconnected: you cannot have maximum agility and stamina at the same time.

How Damage Works?

Damage is based on projectile energy and type. Every time you get hit a certain amount of health and/or armor points are subtracted from your current health.

How Reloading Works

Your weapons always keep reloading one bullet at a time. The more agile you are the faster you reload your weapon.

How Do I Optimize My Attacks?

You may find useful to tap and hold your targets on the map. This will trigger auto fire. Accuracy of weapons with higher recoil will degrade much faster.

Why Weapons' Icons Have Different Colors?

Color of your weapon changes when you load it with different type of ammo. Green is for depleted uranium bullets, blue for armor piercing bullets and blue-violet is for JHP. Shotguns are always yellow.

How Ammo Type Affects Damage

FMJ projectiles cause equal damage to armored and unarmored opponents. JHP projectiles cause double damage to unprotected targets but only half the damage against armor. Armor piercing bullets cause double damage to armor but damage to flesh is halved.

How To Get Perks?

Perks are given every few levels. Perks are very important for your character development. Once you select a perk you cannot undo it so choose wisely.

How Do I Get My Rating?

It's calculated by a secret formula but the rule of thumb is that you need to kill more and die less. Successful missions and awards also help.

How To Get Ranks?

Ranks are given to you by Cheapshot Operative Command for eliminating debtors and compromised operatives. You need to be more active to achieve higher ranks faster.

Why Do I Need Ranks?

Operatives with higher ranks gain access to more sophisticated weapons in the Armory.


Why My Dodge Chance Is Written In Purple?

Dodge chance is increased at night.

What Are Dotted And Color Circles Around Me?

Dotted circle represents the range where you can pick up loot. In order to pick up loot outside of this circle you have to come closer to the corpse of your opponent. Color circles represent your gun's effective range and current ammo type.

How Do I Rename Myself And How Do I Change My Profile Pic?

Your operative nickname and your profile picture are provided by Game Center.

Game performance

Tips On Better Location

Turning on Wi-Fi will increase location accuracy. Location may also be crippled if you're underground or in a large building.

Tips On Battery Saving

Go to Settings and turn off background scan and turn on conserve battery.

What About Android?

We’re a really small team and we do our best to provide the best gaming experience possible. As for now we’re just starting. When the iOS version meets our expectations we will start developing an Android version.

For inquiries, please e-mail